The people

Emmanuela and Niki are the soul of the Domaine Paterianakis. Both manage the company with the love and passion that they inherited from their family of traditional winemakers.

Emmanuela has been the Domaine’s chief oenologist since 2007 and is the manager of the winery. After having graduated with the highest grade from the Wine, Vine & Beverage Sciences Department of the University of Western Attica, she worked as a wine consultant for large Greek wineries, travelled abroad and explored different wine cultures until she decided to return and undertake the wine production at the Domaine. Although she has worked in organic winemaking for over 15 years, she does not stop exploring the local varieties, showcasing in the best possible way the dynamism of her homeland.

Niki is involved with the Domaine’s commercial representation. She is a chemical engineer and graduate of the National Technical University of Athens. In addition to the demanding work of the winery’s chemical department, she is also responsible for sales to local and international markets. An enthusiastic person, she works in the visitable part of the Domaine, is a devotee of enotourism and loves to guide visitors around the wine traditions of her homeland.

Our goal is to create wines
with a strong personality
that will travel the
consumer to our place

Our mission

We want authentic wines with a strong personality. For this reason, we do not intervene during the process and if we do then it is in the most minimal way, to allow the characteristics of each variety to develop freely. Our goal is for the authenticity of the varieties to reach your glass.

Behind a good wine is hidden the love of the winemaker

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