The winery

Giorgos Paterianakis, a civil engineer by profession, decided, after conduct-ing studies and many wine trips, to build a model winery literally within the vineyard. Using natural materials, he designed the winery on six different levels so as to take advantage of gravi-ty at all the stages of winemaking.

Production stations have been created at different levels in the winery, so as to facilitate the various tasks during the harvest and to ensure that they are carried out in a naturally cool environ-ment. At the same time, the most modern winemaking systems have been installed with the ultimate goal of producing high-quality wines. The pro-duction process is carried out, as is the cultivation, according to organic wine-making standards, without the addition of chemicals or foreign bodies.

The bottling and storage areas are lo-cated in the same space but at a dif-ferent level, as is a fully equipped la-boratory for chemical analysis. In the winery’s underground cellar, a special area has been created where all the Domaine’s wines are aged, either in 225-litre French oak barrels or in bot-tles, with stable humidity and tempera-ture levels. Construction of the Winery was com-pleted in 1997, when the first organic wine of Crete was produced in the Domaine. The Domaine’s first wines were the “Domaine Paterianakis” and the “Melissinos Rosé”, which were dis-tinguished for their particular wine characteristics as well as the fact that they were made from organically culti-vated grapes.

Wine is an art
and art
has no restrictions

Organic cultivation & Winemaking

From the first moment, we embraced the virtues of organic farming in our vineyards as well as an organic ap-proach to making our wines. Our goal is for the vine to grow within a com-pletely natural environment, in harmo-ny with the other flora and fauna, so that it can fight off any diseases and nurture the soil without the use of artifi-cial or toxic chemicals. For this reason, the only intervention we make in the life cycle of the product is with natural organic fertilisers of a plant or animal origin and natural minerals such as sulphur and copper.

All our wines are produced according to strict organic standards and with the use of native yeasts and sulphite, the preservative that is used to combat undesirable bacteria which can cause wine oxidation, at the minimum level permitted by EU Regulation 203/2012 for organic wines. The inspection and certification of our organic vineyards is done by DIO, the officially recognised agency for the certification of organic products in Greece.

By choosing organic farming and winemaking, we are protecting the uniqueness of our terroir and enabling our wines to showcase the characteris-tics of their varieties and the climate of our homeland. In this way, we ensure the authenticity of each of our wines.

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